The Smart Cart is a cart drawer solution. This is loaded in with Rebuy global.js and does not require a root HTML div to attach to like the Rebuy widgets. The Smart Cart is an extension to the cart object and keeps its own reference of the cart object. The Smart Cart currently has one layout but many settings to allow merchants to customize the overall functionality. Colors and styles are inherited from the theme colors selected which can be found at the top right of the Admin Dashboard. The Smart Cart make it easy to cross-sell popular products by attaching a Rebuy widget via the Smart Cart settings.

Product Tags

smart-cart-hiddenWill hide the product from displaying and will not count toward total item count in the Smart Cart.
smart-cart-hide-qtyWill hide the quantity selector for any items containing this tag.
smart-cart-shipping-excludedWhen this tag is added to a product the cost of the product will not count toward the free shipping threshold
smart-cart-hide-bundle-optionsWill hide the bundle dropdown in Smart Cart for the associated item (Shopify bundles only, recommended if the bundle item is a prebuilt bundle with no variants).