Enhancing Shopify Hydrogen 2.0 Stores with AI and Personalization through Rebuy.

Bring AI powered recommendations and search to your Hydrogen 2.0 store. This allows for AI-powered product recommendations, custom defined rulesets, or mixture of human and computer derived output, as well as products returned via given search queries. Data Sources are created in Rebuy's App Admin, and the data source URL is used in your Hydrogen project. Separating the logic from the codebase allows non-technical team members to manage the merchandising rules without the need for costly code changes or redeployments.

Adding AI Product Recommendations

Injecting AI-powered product recommendations into your Shopify Hydrogen 2.0 storefront is simple! This data is complete with all the details you need to display these recommendations directly on your store, i.e, the products title, images, price, metafields, etc. Get started with the Recommended AI, Similar Products AI endpoints and more such as Top Sellers and Recently Viewed Endpoints.

Incorporating Personalization with Custom API Endpoints

Rebuy will allow you to change or alter the logic powering the recommendation without having to rebuild or reconnect Rebuy to Hydrogen 2.0. You can create custom endpoints within the Rebuy admin based on all sorts of conditional logic, then use these to power the product recommendation even further. For more on Rebuy's Data Sources, check this collection out.