Rebuy + Hydrogen

Rebuy + Hydrogen package is a web development framework used for building Shopify custom storefronts. It includes providers, components, and tooling you need to get started so you can spend your time creating intelligent shopping experiences.

Rebuy + Hydrogen 2

Rebuy makes it incredibly easy to bring powerful personalized product recommendations and smart search to your Shopify Hydrogen 2.0 Storefront. For more details on this, please check out our Rebuy + Shopify Hydrogen 2.0 documentation.

Components and more coming soon.

How Rebuy + Hydrogen Works

Rebuy + Hydrogen is a lightweight framework for creating personalized shopping experiences that are lightning-fast. The framework is composed of:

  1. Providers - these components build contextual objects that are used during network calls.
  2. Containers - these components get personalized data from Rebuy and pass the resulting information to children components via props.
  3. Components - these components can be used to render various merchandising UI.
  4. Events - these components automatically track user behaviors.

Data Sources

Rebuy + Hydrogen is powered by Rebuy's Data Sources, which allows for AI-powered product recommendations, custom defined rulesets, or mixture of human and computer derived output. Data Sources are created in Rebuy's App Admin, and the data source URL is used in your Hydrogen project. Separating the logic from the codebase allows non-technical team members to manage the merchandising rules without the need for costly code changes or redeployments.

User Interfaces

Rebuy + Hydrogen uses a React container pattern to separate the data fetching logic and state management from the presentational components. As such, container components do not render user interface elements. They simply pass their own properties — as well as data received from Rebuy — to their children components for consumption. This allows you to build your own user interface with your existing components, or use Rebuy's out of the box components to get up and running quickly.

Getting Started

Let's get started!