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Create custom logic to show Products grid add to cart button .

I want to add some javascript logic before rendering the add to cart button. I am using another app for inventory checking based on location and I want to create some custom logic to show customer add to cart or sold out based on the availability of products in that location .

Rebuy Endpoint Search

Hi, I tried the "Try it" from https://developers.rebuyengine.com/reference/search and filled out the empty stuff on the left side, with a common search term like "Harry Potter" and the next few ones with some standard things. Whatever I do I don't get more then a {"data":[]} response. I thought its maybe because of the demo store, so I tried the same with my own api key and I don't get any stuff. Thanks for the answer in advanced.

Rebuy doesn't work in the card-drawer

Hi there! Rebuy doesn't work in the card-drawer but it works in the cart page. I need both variants! I tried to use this instruction https://help.rebuyengine.com/en/articles/6120657-how-to-add-rebuy-to-a-native-cart-flyout-drawer-or-modal but without success... Can you help me with it please? My store is: https://toscastyle.com The Shopify theme I tried to integrate is: https://toscastyle.com/?_ab=0&_fd=0&_sc=1&preview_theme_id=131751936191 Thank you!

API Key for Builder Integration

Where can the API required for a Rebuy widget to populate in Builder landing page be found? Any past documentation is blank https://developers.rebuyengine.com//keys https://www.builder.io/c/docs/rebuy-app-template

Headless Shopify

Is it possible to make the cart work on a headless setup with Shopify?

Need help in smart cart

Hello, Can you please explain how to add custom attribute in smart cart like note? Please explain Thanks