Getting Started with Rebuy

This page will help you get started with Rebuy. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Welcome to the Rebuy Engine Developer Hub

In this developer portal, you will find helpful documentation covering the REST API, the JavaScript Guide, and more.

Getting Started

To access the REST API and all the power it offers you, please get started by creating a development store.

To use our demo store, please use this key: dafd5187be5b5ada05f761e64d42fe082068912b.



Some endpoints will require specific parameters (relating to a storefront, customer, etc.) that will only be accessible with your own Rebuy account and development store.

The REST API offers a number of endpoints, and we'd like to highlight the Platform endpoints vs. our Custom endpoints.

Platform Endpoints

Platform endpoints include all of Rebuy's standard endpoints that return products. These will cover many use cases for your storefront or application.

See the Platform Endpoint docs here.

Custom Endpoints

Custom Endpoints, also known as Data Sources, or sometimes Rulesets are one of Rebuy's most powerful features.

See the Custom Endpoints docs here.

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