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Needs documentation of Methods for Widget Custom Templates

Hi, I'm using the custom template and I notice these methods (variantOptionAvailable and selectVariantOption) aren't included in the documentation and I will need it to modify it further. Example code below. Thank for any kinds of help. ``` <div class="variant-option" v-if="option.name.toLowerCase() == 'color' || option.name.toLowerCase() == 'colour' " > <label>COLOUR</label> <div class="option-swatch color" v-bind:class="{ activeSwatch: product.selected_variant['option' + option.position] == value, unavailable: !variantOptionAvailable(product, 'option' + option.position, value) }" v-for="(value, index) in option.values" v-on:click="selectVariantOption(product, 'option' + option.position, value)" > <div class="option-swatch color-container" :style="{ backgroundImage: 'url(' + getURL(value) + ')' }" ></div> </div> </div> ```

Metafield MetaObjects

Seems that the Metafields option does not return information about metaobjects at all. Is there any timeline on where metaobject information could be made available?

Product Models and the Media Collection

We are looking to leverage the newer Shopify Media object for video on product pages. Looking at the rebuy widget product model it appears only to show the Image collection. Is there any plan to use Media, or is there an option to enable the Media collection in the product models?

Rebuy app smartcart item quantity change.

I want to change rebuy lineItem quantity from label to dropdown select or input tag, so that on change of item input field by typing lineItem change accordingly increase or decrease. I didn't found any onChange/change method for smart cart. theres only increaseItem decreaseItem

Data Source Create API

Is it possible to create and update Data Source using API? I am hopping to update Data source rules from our ERP system. Thanks

Update cart drawer after adding new item through Javascript

I'm trying to refresh the Smart Cart after adding a new item to the cart using Shopify's AJAX API. However, after the request is completed, the product gets added to the cart, but the Smart Cart doesn't update with the new item. Is there a method I can call through Javascript to update the Smart Cart after a new item is added? Thanks in advance!

Track Post-Purchase page's purchases using TikTok pixel

One of our clients wants to track the purchases that are done through the Post-Purchase page using Tiktok pixel. Is there an event, API, or something that I can use to trigger the TikTok pixel every time a post-purchase is made through the app?

Create custom logic to show Products grid add to cart button .

I want to add some javascript logic before rendering the add to cart button. I am using another app for inventory checking based on location and I want to create some custom logic to show customer add to cart or sold out based on the availability of products in that location .

Rebuy Endpoint Search

Hi, I tried the "Try it" from https://developers.rebuyengine.com/reference/search and filled out the empty stuff on the left side, with a common search term like "Harry Potter" and the next few ones with some standard things. Whatever I do I don't get more then a {"data":[]} response. I thought its maybe because of the demo store, so I tried the same with my own api key and I don't get any stuff. Thanks for the answer in advanced.

Rebuy doesn't work in the card-drawer

Hi there! Rebuy doesn't work in the card-drawer but it works in the cart page. I need both variants! I tried to use this instruction https://help.rebuyengine.com/en/articles/6120657-how-to-add-rebuy-to-a-native-cart-flyout-drawer-or-modal but without success... Can you help me with it please? My store is: https://toscastyle.com The Shopify theme I tried to integrate is: https://toscastyle.com/?_ab=0&_fd=0&_sc=1&preview_theme_id=131751936191 Thank you!